Our products

Since beginning until present day we offer great mechanical engineering solutions but we have also adopted sensor techniques and PLC since 2005-2010, and are going into computer vision and “deep learning of neuron networks” so the products we offer would be even better.

Autonobbing for pelagic fish

Best choice for fish 14-20 and 20 – 25 cm.

Lowest nobbing cost per kg  processed

Pocket type fish nobbing and filleting

Most flexible way how to process Sardines, Mackerel , Herring, Anchovie and other pelagic fishes. Sardine HG or Mackerel filleting, pocket type nobbing/filleting is adaptable for the product you desire.

Autofeeder for pelagic fish

Reduce your cost of nobbing.

Replace 8-10 workers at your existing pocket-chain machines.

Drum type nobbing line

Best choice for fish 9-13 cm.

Most productive small fish nobbing line.

Up to 1000HG fish/min productivity