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Since beginning until present day we offer great mechanical engineering solutions but we have also adopted sensor techniques and PLC since 2005-2010, and are going into computer vision and “deep learning of neuron networks” so the products we offer would be even better.

Accumulation tanks

Accumulation tank are designed to improve fish handling process when it is being received from vessels.



Automatic brine preparation and packing line

Automatic packaging unit with integrated automatic brine preparation unit. Produce salted fish products with ease.


Autonobbing for pelagic fish

Best choice for fish 14-20 and 20 – 25 cm. Lowest nobbing cost per kg  processed


Autopacker for vertical cans

PERUZA autopacker for vertical cans bring more profit to your operation by reducing personnel involved.  Only 4 operators needed to produce up to 100 cans per minute.


Bin – dolav tipper

Bin tipper is designed for dumping of the content into the tank for the further processing of fish or other products.


Continuous brining line

Continuous brining line ensures constant brining time and brining result.



Fish Defroster

Fish defroster is designed for frozen fish block or IQF product defrosting in water. Water defrosting is used when high capacity defrosting process is needed.



High capacity thawing from -20°C to -0,5°C  in 3,5 hours. PERUZA Frozen fish thawing chamber reduces drip loss and water consumption.


Hopper elevators

Food grade hopper elevators enables easy and hygienic product conveying to the demanded process.


Manual grading line

Grade out more valuable fish from your catch.


Pocket type fish nobbing and filleting

Most flexible way how to process Sardines, Mackerel , Herring, Anchovie and other pelagic fishes. Sardine HG or Mackerel filleting, pocket type nobbing/filleting is adaptable for the product you desire.


Roller grading line for pelagic fish

Grading – A must for industrial processing of fish. Gentle grading of fish. Productivity up to 10 Tons per hour.


Volumetric batching line

Fast small fish batching by volume. Used for fast freezing of fresh catch.


Weight batching (speed batching)

Weight batching system for Fish, meat pieces and vegetables. Pack your product faster and more convenient.


Autofeeder for pelagic fish

Reduce your cost of nobbing.

Replace 8-10 workers at your existing pocket-chain machines.


Drum type nobbing line

Most productive small fish nobbing line.

Up to 900HG fish/min productivity. Best choice for fish 9-14 cm.


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