Our products

Since beginning until present day we offer great mechanical engineering solutions but we have also adopted sensor techniques and PLC since 2005-2010, and are going into computer vision and “deep learning of neuron networks” so the products we offer would be even better.

Accumulation tanks

Accumulation tank are designed to improve fish handling process when it is being received from vessels.



Bin – dolav tipper

Bin tipper is designed for dumping of the content into the tank for the further processing of fish or other products.



Continuous & fast fish dosing in boxes. PERUZA Flow Weight Grader makes fish weighing and grading simple and easy. Possible to adjust the line for grading by specific fish size and weight.




Hopper elevators

Food grade hopper elevators enables easy and hygienic product conveying to the demanded process.


Manual grading line

Grade out more valuable fish from your catch.


Salmon deslimer/fillet washing machine

PERUZA Deslimer and Fillet washing machine is designed to remove impurities and remainings from the surface of fish.


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