Autofeeder for pelagic fish


The fish auto feeder is specifically designed for fish cutting machines with pocket conveyors. The auto feeder makes the HGT process faster and easier and considerably reduces or even completely removes the need for manual work on food processing factories. Reduced labor costs come from the innovative automatization of work, as one auto feeder’s operator replaces four to five manual workers.

The machine’s operator only has to fill the tank of the hopper elevator with fish and then the fish auto feeder takes over the work. The machine automatically delivers fish from the hopper tank, orientates, separates and then distributes them into cutting machine pockets, synchronizing its speed to the speed of the cutting machine. The auto feeder automatically finds the next free cell on the pocket conveyor, singulates and places the fish on the conveyor for following processing, such as heading, gutting, and fileting.

The machine is suitable for processing various kinds of pelagic fish such as sardines, herrings, mackerels and others. The fish auto feeder, attached to a pocket type fish cutting machine, produces up to 500 fish per minute depending on fish size and species.

The auto feeders designed by PERUZA are also compatible with most other popular producers cutting machines. Easy operation and fast payback time are extra benefits for the factories.

Main benefits

  • No workforce efficiency loss due to stroboscopic effect of passing-by pocket belt
  • Up to 4 person economy per one cutting machine
  • Fast payback time
  • Easy operable

Operating principle

Tank of hopper elevator is filled with fish by operator. Elevating belt evenly brings the fish to the head- tail orientation, unit, further fish is proceeded to infeed units. Before infeeding, fish are singulated to avoid infeeding of several fish into one pocket. Singulated fish are passed into synchronizer. Synchronizer finds next free cell of the pocket conveyor to place the fish to be supplied to following device such as eheading, gutting, fileting machine.

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