Autonobbing for pelagic fish


The fish cutting machine handles 14-24 cm long pelagic fishes, such as Sardines, Herring, Anchovies, Mackerel, etc. The machine can process from 400 to 500 fish per minute, depending on the fish species and its freshness.

The cutting line performs all stages of nobbing: fish is delivered from the hopper tank, head-tail orientated and automatically infed into the cutting unit; there fish is de-headed and the vacuum sucks the guts out of the body; additionally, as an option it’s also possible to cut the tail off. Then the HG/HGT fish falls into boxes or onto a conveyor for further processing.

The automated cutting line completely removes the need for manual labor during the heading and gutting stages of fish processing. One operator only needs to fill the tank of the hopper elevator and the whole cutting process will be done automatically. From time to time, you might only need one operator for quality inspection.

Thanks to this approach, the fish processing becomes much faster and safer. The cutting line produces more qualitative products at smaller costs.

Main benefits

  • No operators needed for orientation and HG or HGT operation.
  • Fast payback time
  • Higher productivity than conventional pocket nobbing machines
  • Easy operable

Operating principle

Tank of hopper elevator is filled with fish by operator. Elevating belt evenly brings the fish to the head- tail orientation, unit, further fish is separated one from another and infeeded into head cutting unit. Head cuting unit removes the head of fish and vacuum sucks the digestive system out of fish and into collection tank. Ready fish falls into box or onto ready product conveyor which comes as option.

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