Fish Defroster


PERUZA professional fish defroster is designed for the quick defrosting of Anchovies, Sardines and other types of pelagic fishes. The defroster handles fish in blocks but can also work with IQF products. It takes only 45 minutes to defrost a block of frozen fishes in the PERUZA defroster and the defrosting line ensures non-stop defrosting work – up to 1200/2400 kg/h (single/double version).

Each defrosting line needs only one operator for placing the fish blocks into the defroster bath. The blocks are placed in all bath areas and are defrosted with the help of warm water and airflow. The programmable logic controller automatically regulates water temperature and level for the most efficient defrosting. Afterward defrosted fish falls onto the conveyor belt and is transported to the next technological unit. There is no damage to the product and thus less giveaway during this stage of processing.

The professional fish defroster ensures faster defrosting and continuous process for more efficient fish processing. Reduced labor costs are also a significant benefit.

Main benefits

  • Easy fish loading – it is possible to load fish with crates and remove creates afterwards
  • Easy cleaning – due to hydraulic lift
  • Ergonomic operation

Operating principle

Frozen fish blocks are manually loaded in defroster in its whole length. If fish is blastfreezed in boxes, fish together with boxes can be put into water. Boxes then are removed when fish is separated form box surface.

Frozen fish block are defrosted in warm water and air flow. Defrosted fish separates from the block and fellls onto conveyor belt which transports it out of the defroster to the next technological unit.
Water temperature and water level is regulated automatically with the help of PLC.

For device operation customer must provide electricity, water, hot steam and drainage.

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