Drum type nobbing line


PERUZA Drum type nobbing is designed as high capacity small fish nobbing equipment. Equipment can process up to 900 small pelagic fish per minute. Drum type nobbing can produce HG or HGT fixed length product.

PERUZA Drum type nobbing is used for fish 9 – 14 cm, such as sprats, anchovies, capelin and other. Processing slightly out of range can reduce output.

Main benefits

  • Only 2 operators can produce up to 900 HG or HGT fish per minute
  • One machine replaces 13 – 15 manual processing specialists
  • 3 times higher productivity than conventional pocket nobbing machines
  • Easy operable

Operating principle

Tank of hopper elevator is filled with fish by operator. Elevating belt evenly brings the fish to the head- tail orientation, unit.

Correctly orientated fish is brought to the head cutting drum, where head, according to preset height is cut off. There is 3 sets of different head height drums.

When head is removed, fish passes vacuum suction unit where fish digesting system is removed.

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