Manual grading line


Manual grading line is developed to sort out more valuable fish species in the production process.

Manual grading line comes in various executions and lengths. Avaliable options for 5 till 24 operators.

Manual grading line can be eqquiped with platforms for opperators, which minimises contact area with the floor.

Main benefits

  • Ergonomic design
  • Adjustable working positions
  • Sanitary and easy cleanable design
  • Stainless steel construction.

Operating principle

Fish is supplied to the infeeding hopper. Fish can be supplied by forklift or by choosing PERUZA tipper for containers.

Further fish is passed onto grading conveyor. Conveyor brings fish closer to operators for inspection. Operators carry on visual inspection for fish passing by on grading line and grades
out previously specified fish. Fish can be graded out by species, size or other properties.

After grading, each grade is conveyed to separate bin for further processing.

Grading properties can be switched immediately as the grading process is done by employees.

Processing capacity

ProductAny product that must be sorted
Number of operators5-25
Number of gradesUp to 3
Grading capacity1000 kg – 10000 kg

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