The Flow Weight Grader has been designed for continuous and fast fish dosing in boxes.

It makes precise weighing of the fish and places them into relevant boxes.

PERUZA Flow Weight Grader can be enabled for grading fish in boxes by specific size, also considering their weight.

Main benefits

  • Continuous grading process
  • Precise and fast weighing
  • Adjustable speed
  • Requires only 1 operator at each gate

Operating principle

Product for grading is filled by operator on infeed Z-type conveyor – one product per pocket.

It is transported and transferred to acceleration conveyor.

Each product is weighed separately in flow weight conveyor unit.

The weight is compared to correct exit gate grade and transported along the main conveyor to corresponding exit gate.

When boxes at several station have reached close to needed weight, the product will be transferred to exit gate that has lowest possible up-weight compared to other gates.

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