Frozen fish thawing chamber is designed for frozen fish block defrosting in chamber with water drops and steam environment. The quality and production speed depends on the frozen fish block size and initial temperature, fish size, and fish freshness.

Main benefits

  • High degree of homogeneity
  • Reduced defrosting time
  • Minimum water consumption
  • Reduced drip loss
  • Retained product quality

Operating principle

The frozen fish blocks are placed a uniformly on the shelves of trolley. Trolley are placed in a chamber defroster. After placing the last trolley defroster door is closed defrosting process is started. Motorised fans direct a heated air flow into the chamber. The air flow circulates between all trolley shelves, thus ensuring even and uniform product thawing. One set of two fans per chamber ensures maximum air flow to each pair of trolleys, regardless of direction of air flow.

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