Full Layer Palletizer


PERUZA Full layer palletizer is designed to prepare and palletize a full layer in a fast and delicate manner.

Full layer palletizer takes care of different kind of products, starting with small bottles or packages and ending with large boxes or thermoform packages.

It can be equipped with quality inspection for incoming products and smart plastic or cardboard separator sheet feeding unit.

Main benefits

  • Fully automated palletizing process
  • Line is pre-programmed with necessary product types and variations
  • Easy adjustable to new product types and variations
  • Continuous workflow with reduced cycle time

Operating principle

Based on operator input for product type line forms a palette layer as required.

The manipulator arrives at product pick up location.

The layer former infeed’s the product in the gripper which then places it on a palette.

If necessary, manipulator takes the separator sheet from stack and places it on palette between each layer.

Meantime palettes are infeeded to robot manipulator station by automatic palette stacker.

Ready palettes are moved to next processing stage with conveyors.

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