PERUZA Large fruit and vegetable peeling machine is designed as high capacity peeling machine. Equipment can process  up to 60 product units per hour.  Machine can be adjusted to different fruits and vegetables.

Main benefits

  • Minimized surface-to-surface contact area
  • Only 1 operator per 1 machine
  • Easily washable design, with cutouts and minimal surface areas
  • Food contact compliant materials

Operating principle

The operator inserts the pumpkin into the machine, pushes the button to lower the mounting valve, thereby securing the pumpkin in the machine. When the operator closes the security door, the machine can start operating. The operator presses the start button and adjusts the peeling speed of the machine with the controller. As the knife moves up or down the pumpkin rim, a layer of bark is removed. As the peel is peeled, it falls into a box located under the peeler. When the peeling process is complete, the Operator presses the button to release the pumpkin and removes it from the peeler.

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