PERUZA Assembly line is designed for small part pick and place work automation.

This solution is suitable for automotive, electronics, food and other industries.

Assembly line can be equipped with countless robotic stations depending on degree of process complexity.

All activities can be secured with quality inspection.

As additional option every part can have a unique number printed on with laser and saved in data base.

Main benefits

  • Fully automated assembly process
  • Line is pre-programmed with necessary product types and variations
  • Easy adjustable to new product types and variations
  • Continuous workflow with reduced cycle time

Operating principle

All infeed conveyors must be filled with necessary components.

The process starts with manipulator that picks up the product and places it into designated place.

For small parts it is moved to next manipulator by rotary table, for larger parts it is done by conveyor belt.

If the line is equipped with quality inspection, it checks the product conformity between process stages.

Last manipulator takes already assembled product and places it to next desired process.

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