PERUZA Shrimp processing line on ship is designed to ensure high quality products without unloading them for processing on shore. All important processes after catching shrimps are done directly on board. When fishing vessel comes to shore for unloading, products are ready to be delivered right on store shelves.

Main benefits

  • Retained freshness of the product
  • Ship can spend more time in sea
  • Minimal energy resource
  • Optimized ship crew member count

Operating principle

Receiving system delivers raw shrimp to manual inspection unit where only good shrimps are allowed to move further the conveyor system to washing and rinsing. Then shrimps are moved to the grading process and distribution between cooking and buffer. Accordingly shrimps gets either on conveyor to buffer or cooking. Last process is cooling of the shrimp and IQF freezing, afterwords shrimps are delivered right to box weight packing station and further to storage.

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