Pocket type fish nobbing and filleting


Pocket type fish nobbing machine is Most flexible way how to process Sardines, Mackerel, Herring, Anchovie and other pelagic fishes. Produce HG or fillets, pocket type nobbing/filleting is adaptable for the product you desire. With few adjustments change product type. Modular design enables step by step integration. Start with simpler products and end up with full automatic line.

Main benefits

  • Clean cuts without damaging the fish
  • Laser fish measurement system – maximum yield
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Food grade materials

Operating principle

Product must be inserted in the stainless steel pockets one by one. The product can be inserted into pockets with either manual operator infeed or automatic feeding unit. To maintain optimal productivity, all pockets must be filled before entering the cutting section.

Pockets convey whole fish to the cutting section, where the head is cut off. Laser measurment system adjust cutting place in order to acchieve highest possible yield.

After de-heading, fish is passed onto vacuum gutting unit, where high power vacuum pump removes fish entrails.

Upon the modification of machine multiple products can be produced. In order to find out best suitable product for you, please contact our sales team.


Processing capacity

Product typePocket type nobbingPocket type nobbing + filleting module
Belly cut
Butterfly fillet
Single fillet

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