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Maximize product quality and increase yield with our high-tech custom solutions for innovative, automated and efficient food processing & intralogistics.

Say goodbye to slow, expensive, labour-intensive and inefficient food processing

The global food industry is facing more issues now than ever, such as staffing adequately, maintaining quality and safety, keeping product moving out the door, and satisfying demands for SKU variety and others. 

But, perhaps the most important problem is that it seems almost impossible to adjust to the ever-growing demand for predictable, fast and efficient processing systems that can be implemented with a guarantee of bringing sustainable long-term value to their business at a good price.


Fish / seafood

Fruits / vegetables


Warehousing / Parcel service

Process automation and equipment manufacturing

PERUZA is a process engineering and equipment manufacturing company. Our products let our clients produce more quality product at less cost. We create and produce production equipment mainly for the food processing industry, especially for fish processing.

We help companies find existing manufacturing bottlenecks and inefficiencies, and then create automated solutions to boost business growth with the shortest time to ROI in the field.

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More about our expertise

Within our more than 30 years of experience we have specialized in finding the bottlenecks and inefficiencies within the existing production process, and creating the best equipment to solve these issues mainly for the food processing industry, especially for fish processing.

We create fully custom machinery and software for fish, meat, vegetable and fruit, and other industries for all various processes to improve quality and yield and introduce faster, more reliable and efficient food processing globally.

“PERUZA proved to be a reliable and professional partner, and helped us improve our shipment processing speed and internal process automation when adjusting to the rapidly increasing volume of shipments."

- Jānis Grants, CEO OF DPD LATVIA -

What we do

We believe the future of smart food processing is based on removing bottlenecks to optimize throughput, reduce production costs and always striving for the best combination of human workforce and robotic precision.

In-depth analysis of current processes

Removed bottlenecks

Our experts work closely with you to find which processes could be improved and specialize in solving the biggest issues within your existing system for better results.

Integrated automation systems

Optimized throughput

By implementing more automated systems with robust machinery and full production control software we ensure better throughput for your production.

Full traceability for lower cost

Reduced production costs

Through the process of automation and removing bottlenecks you can obtain a fully traceable, safe and predictable production at a lower cost than ever before.

Streamlined production process

Accelerated ROI

By introducing streamlined processes we increase the output, create a better yield and provide the shortest time to ROI in the field with no compromise on quality.

How we work

When working with companies big and small, our main goal is to provide truly personalized solutions that match your needs perfectly. That’s why within our 30+ years of experience we have established a standard procedure:

Phase #1


Phase #2


Phase #3


Phase #4


Phase #5


Phase #6


Phase #7


Phase #8


Phase #9


Phase #10


Phase #11


Phase #12


Phase #1: Understanding your needs









Phase #2: Developing the project









Phase #3: Delivering the solution



STEP #10


STEP #11


STEP #12


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Why choose us

By choosing to work with us you choose cutting-edge robust machinery and software that is made to last and bring an enormous benefit to your business.

truly unique solutions

Individual approach

Our friendly, personal approach allows for the best custom solutions for your business, removing the bottlenecks and optimizing exactly where needed.

Economically efficient

Shortest ROI

Our innovation-driven process from the first meeting till after delivery is the fastest way to raise profitability of your business and see the ROI in accelerated time.

robust innovations

Made to last

With each and every project our main goal is to ensure sustainability and longevity of our solutions, so they would keep improving your business for years to come.

Make the first step towards more efficient processing!

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