Automated balance

Since beginning of the time we know our hands as a tools, frankly, quite handy ones. At first we used them for primitive tasks such as grabbing an apple, scratching an itch or to scare away mosquitoes. Now we quickly navigate trough smartphone interface, click on the screen and fresh apples are ordered at closest grocery.

Some sees such technological growth bad for humanity, some says it makes human lives simplier, nontheless, no one wants to go back using just wooden spears. A way must be found to keep balance between technology and humans. We have found one for worldwide fishing industry.

After 1 hour work at the manual fish processing table, processed fish quality is perfect, but 30 people should take a break, otherwise quality slowly starts to reduce. At end of the 12 hour shift, processed fish quality is still good, but defective fish count has increased due to inaccuracy and lost focus. In contrast at the automated fish processing area, operator after 1 hour work should take a break either, to keep the focus of non stopping fish processing line. Reduced quality and increase of defective fish are not observed.

There it is. The balance.

As worldwide population has reached more then 7 billion people, production in most cases must be ran 24 hours. To avoid human factor and unwanted surprises in processed products, machinery must be installed in every factory. Machines help us to maintain high quality products, avoid any unwanted impurities and fulfill worldwide demand for food.

In a picture you see factory in Philippines. On the top left corner you see manual fish processing table with 30 manual operators. A bit below are located 4 autopacking lines with 2 or 3 operators per line. Production capacity is the same as for manual table, as for 2 autopacker lines. Even though the productivity is already bigger working with machines, main focus is keeping continuous processing of high quality products.

We, PERUZA, hope, that in future every factory will be automated, because we know how even the slightest loss of focus can lead to dangerous impurities in food products. If such food gets to the shelf in the grocery store, it’s a disaster.

Read about autopacking line clicking on link below.




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