PERUZA AI-based package deposit-refund system.

The PERUZA AI-based packaging deposit-refund system is developed for collection of packaging that are included in a Deposit-refund system, as well for collection of other approved types of packaging. The system consists of a network of local installations that perform collection and sorting of the packages and the central command-training servers. The central control point also runs an accounting and refund side of the system.

The system is built keeping open-mind approach both for an input and an output solution It means that it can accept new types and kinds of packaging as soon the system has received instructions to accept from the central command. Accounting and refund rules can be set and adjusted easily by the operator of the system.

The PERUZA AI-based packaging deposit-refund system recognizes the delivered package by several properties, like classical bar-code and recognition of the image, shape, weight, and spectroscopically. More sensors that may analyze other properties can be added, if necessary.

PERUZA may deliver the whole network of the installations that may consist of both ‘light-version’ installations for small volume collection locations that are run by some local store, ‘regular-size’ installations and ‘heavy-duty’ installations for crowded locations. What ties them all together is the unique IT solution, developed by PERUZA and WeAreDots.

A unique feature included in the network are mobile installations that may serve mass-attraction events. Our mobile collection vehicle can both visit distant villages and music festivals. The difference will be in the storage size – a bus-size or truck-size, but all are connected and run the same game.


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