Make your land work for you: process vegetables on-site and reap bigger profits

Pumpkin harvest

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If you own a plot of land and maybe already grow your own fruit and vegetables, you might have thought to sell the harvest directly to food processing companies.
That is an especially relevant idea now that vegan and vegetarian diets are growing in demand, and ecologically grown produce is now at a higher value to an average consumer than ever before.
For many, this proposition is not a bad one. But what if we told you that there is a better way to make your land work for you?

Three main reasons why processing on-site could be more beneficial to you than selling to other companies

Source: PERUZA

Your land has been an investment for a better future. So why not look into making it work for you now?

There are various ways to do that, but today we take a look at growing your own vegetables and why processing them yourself can be the best strategy for making your land work for you.

Take a look at the main three reasons that will shed some light on how it can be beneficial to you!

Save money and boost your profits

Just imagine growing your own vegetables on the land you own – that in itself sounds like a delightful idea. But how about selling the vegetables to someone and making a buck or two in the process – sweet, isn’t it?

Not so much, if you know that the price of properly processed vegetables can be multiple times higher than what you sold them for.

That’s why investing in equipment that can wash, peel, slice, and even steam the same produce on-site can prove to be more efficient and gain you bigger returns.

Here at PERUZA we have worked with businesses of various sizes on creating the best solutions for their vegetable processing needs and can offer a wide variety of machinery depending on your capacity and ambitions, such as:


No matter the size of the farming operation, there is always a way for you to make more money with the right equipment that suits the produce you grow than by simply selling the harvest to others.

Full control over the variety of vegetables you grow and the end product

If you choose to process the food you grow on-site, it means you have a complete understanding of the machinery you own and thus can make better decisions on which vegetables to grow.

You see, if you have a machine like Large fruit and vegetable slicing machine, then in addition to pumpkins, you could also be growing watermelons, as you would have the equipment made to process these large and non-standard objects.

If you own processing lines designed for washing vegetables of a specific size then you’d grow various vegetables that are in a similar size range to maximize the return on investment.

If you were to simply grow vegetables and sell them to others for further processing, it could mean you being limited to their demands and processing capacity. But, with your own equipment, it is possible to choose the variety of vegetables you grow, and what the end product you’ll sell will look like.

Possibility to appeal to a wider consumer market

Once you have the tools to take control over what you grow and how you process it, you gain a bigger chance to appeal to one of the more niche and high-paying markets that are growing in popularity.

Ecological farming is one of those markets, where sustainability, respect for nature, and a greater appreciation for farmers are the main cornerstones of appeal to the end consumers. By using your land according to eco regulations, you could be selling processed vegetables for a price multiple times higher.

Other widely popular markets are vegan, vegetarian, and even raw food diet products – and by processing your fruits and vegetables according to guidelines, you should have no problem appealing to this high-paying consumer market with your end product.

Final thoughts

While you might own some acres of land and might not yet know how to make it work for you, the thought to grow and process your own vegetables to sell is an idea worth looking into. With the advantages described in this blog post, we hope it is now more clear how on-site vegetable processing can benefit you.

If you’re interested in learning more about how PERUZA can help you dream up, manufacture, and implement some on-site food processing equipment, feel free to email us at, and we’ll gladly discuss the possibilities of working together to boost the profits of your land!

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