Bin – dolav tipper


Bin tipper is used for loading of various processing system types, mainly hopper-elevators of fish grading, nobbing, filleting and other value added processing units.

Container tippers can be ordered for different container shapes and sizes that are used in food processing industries.

The use of container tippers allow easier handling of fish or other product containers by hydraulic tipping system.

Main benefits

  • Controllable product infeed
  • Safer and more convenient operation
  • Easier maintenance and cleaning
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Get rid of forklifts inside production area

Operating principle

Containers with product is delivered to container tipper that is stationed at processing line by forklifts. Empty containers are removed from tipper in the same manner.

Operator can start the tipping process by holding the “UP” button on control unit. For safety whenever the button is released, the tipping process stops. Empty container can be lowered by pressing and holding the “DOWN” button.

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