Automatic small fish filleting machine – PASFF 110

Equipment is designed for fresh pelagic fish processing. The nobbing section can create beheaded (H), degutted (G), tail cut (T) straight cut loins. With filleting unit it is possible to make “butterfly” type or single fillets or cut off belly and clean it with brushes.

PERUZA Automatic fish filleting machine – PASFF 110 is used for fish 9 – 14 cm, such as sprats, anchovies, capelin and other.


The beheading (H) and tail cut process (T) is made with rotary knives adjusted to the needed length of the final product, while degutting (G) is achieved with a vacuum suction unit that comes after cutting knives.
The processing machine can be adjusted for specific types and sizes of fish. The machine can be used for various species of fish if they do not exceed the pocket size of the machine.
Each fish must be placed head forward and belly first in each pocket to ensure the right cut. An optional, but suggested, vision system removes the requirement to orientate the fish belly first. Thus, enabling operators to work faster and ensuring less error percentage. This system is required if infeed of fish is done automatically.

Main benefits:

Awards received:

“PERUZA proved to be a reliable and professional partner, and helped us improve our shipment processing speed and internal process automation when adjusting to the rapidly increasing volume of shipments."

- Jānis Grants, CEO OF DPD LATVIA -

Technical information

Technical characteristics:


Small pelagic fish

Processing capacity

Up to 200 fish/minute

Size of processed fish (length)

90…140 mm

Equipment dimension (L x W)

2650 x 3265 mm

Number of operators on the machine


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