Choosing the Right Palletizer for Your Product

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A palletizer is an automated machine designed to sort, transfer, and stack products onto pallets, typically situated at the conclusion of a manufacturing line. The adoption of automatic palletizing is advantageous for efficient, regular distribution. Palletizers provide stability in loads, precision, and rapid operation while removing heavy load works from workers. Manually stacking boxes on pallets is both time-consuming and costly, often leading to significant stress and health problems for workers.

To circumvent this labor-intensive process, the row-forming machine was developed in the early 1950s. This device neatly arranged products into rows directly on the pallet. Subsequent enhancements in software and robotics further revolutionized palletizing, granting the machines more autonomy and capacity for work. Additionally, the variety of products that could be palletized expanded, now encompassing items like bottles, which are particularly difficult and costly to stack manually.

Types of Automated Palletizers

In the 1970s, the landscape of palletizing changed with the introduction of automated systems. These systems were designed to sort items, which were meticulously arranged in bins in a specific sequence, as they moved along a conveyor belt, before stacking them onto pallets. Modern advancements have made it feasible to palletize a variety of items, regardless of their uniformity in shape and size, using robotic or inline palletizing machinery.

Let’s discuss two primary types of palletizers:

  • Full-Layer Palletizer. This variant is ideal for operations concentrating on a single type of product, such as bottled drinks, boxes or canned items.
  • Robotic Arm Palletizer. This system is tailored for industries dealing with a diverse assortment of products, especially those varying significantly in weight, shape, and size.

PERUZA High Speed Palletizer

PERUZA High Speed Palletizer is a full layer type palletizer engineered for fast and precise preparation and palletization of complete layers. This palletizer is versatile, capable of handling a wide range of products, from small bottles or packets to large boxes or thermoform packaging. It may be equipped with an intelligent system for feeding plastic or cardboard sheets and for inspecting the quality of incoming products. Based on the settings input by the operator for different product types, a complete pallet layer is formed accordingly.


Boxes are transported along the feeding conveyor where their orientation is evaluated according to a predetermined layer pattern. If needed, a specialized turner corrects their alignment. Subsequently, the boxes are methodically arranged into rows on the palletizer to form a complete layer. Upon completion of a layer, the boxes are gently compressed for greater efficiency and placed onto the pallet. This process repeats smoothly, ensuring flawless palletization at each phase. As a full pallet is assembled, it is automatically moved for wrapping or collection, while a new empty pallet is simultaneously provided from the pallet dispenser, maintaining continuous productivity.

The primary advantages of PERUZA High Speed Palletizer include:

  • Complete automation of the palletizing procedure;
  • The system comes pre-set with the required product types and variations;
  • Flexibility to easily accommodate new types and variations of products;
  • Consistent operation flow with minimized cycle times. Up to 30 products/ minute.


Choose for a High Speed Palletizer when your operation requires rapid palletization of a single product type.

PERUZA Robot palletizer

PERUZA Robot Palletizer is designed for high-volume palletizing of diverse products, capable of processing up to 500 units per minute. This robotic palletizing system can accommodate products of various sizes and is ideal for handling plastic, glass, and cardboard containers of different dimensions. It efficiently palletizes products from two incoming lines at once. The palletizing zone of the robot is equipped with spacers, and pallets are transported to this area. Utilizing sophisticated gripping technology, the robot efficiently manages both the units and the pallets.

The primary advantages of PERUZA Robot Palletizer include:

  • A single operator can manage the palletizing of up to 20 products/ minute;
  • Capability to automatically adjust among pre-set product types;
  • Ability to form multiple pre-defined layer patterns;
  • Flexibility to conform to the existing workspace.


Choose for a Robot Palletizer when your operation requires to palletize variety of products with compact layout.

To conclude

As expected, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to determining the ideal palletizer type. The decision largely hinges on the specifics of your operation, such as the type of product, product variety, volume, and required speed. For instance, a full layer palletizer type may be the optimal choice for operations focused on a single product type, whereas a robotic palletizer tpye could be more beneficial for variety of products and inserting spacers between pallets. When selecting between the two, it’s important to weigh various factors including cost, sustainability, and ease of access. Fortunately, our team is here to assist you in making the best choice!

As the fields of robotics, automation, and machinery continue to evolve, it’s crucial to explore the most effective solutions available. If you’re keen on discovering how PERUZA can enhance your food processing outcomes, especially in fish processing, don’t hesitate to reach out at We’re eager to explore how we can collaborate to achieve exceptional results for your business!

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