PERUZA’s robotic palletizing system for the producer of egg products – Balticovo

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A robotic palletizing system for finished goods developed by PERUZA has been installed in the modernized production building of the “Balticovo” company. This system will increase the automation of the processing process, increase production capacity, and decrease production waste. Less than one million euros were spent overall on the production building’s modernization and automation.

Palletizing system for finished goods

Two robots, eight palletizing lines, a robot gripper concept specifically designed for the manufacturing facility, and more than 145 different product types make up the robotic and artificial intelligence-powered palletizing system. Along with other egg packing and sorting equipment, the new palletizing system for finished goods was installed in the building of the “Balticovo” production plant, which began operating in November 2020. More than a million eggs are sorted and packaged every day in the production complex, and just over 300 tons of boiled and shelled eggs are produced each month in the food preparation factory.

“Seeing how the production volume of our company is growing, it was clear that it is necessary to find a way to speed up production processes by reducing the amount of physical work, while at the same time raising the qualifications of employees,” says Toms Auškāps, a member of the board of AS “Balticovo”.

Complex production system, adapting to the specifics of the product

The “PERUZA” team admits that it was challenging to install the finished product palletization system in a facility that produced such a wide range of goods. In addition to being fully automated, the automatic palletizing system has a statistics and monitoring system that increases the productivity of electronic processes, increases production capacity, and lowers production waste. The manufacturing system automatically ensures that the mechanism for transporting the boxes has adequate space to divert them from the main conveyor in time using two effective robots. After that, one of nine exits—eight of which are automatic and one of which is manual—is where the boxes are delivered. The system determines which exit is the proper one based on the information provided by the barcode reader. These engineering solutions can process up to 16 boxes per minute and up to eight distinct items simultaneously. 


Industry leaders choose the best solutions

The largest producer of eggs and egg-related products in Northern Europe is the firm “Balticovo.” More than 700 million eggs are laid by “Balticovo” hens in a single year, and around 70% of the products are shipped to other nations in the European Union and around the world. In 2021, AS “Balticovo” generated revenue of 62.435 million euros, a 14.9% increase over the previous year, however, its profit, which was 161,252 euros, declined significantly.

PERUZA has made significant investments in the growth of the business, including the establishment of a dedicated programming division that enables the development of fresh, inventive, and uniquely tailored automation, robotization, and artificial intelligence solutions for manufacturing firms, which are crucial for increasing both production capacity and competitiveness. Since 1991, the Latvian company has been designing and producing production machinery. The company’s objective in developing equipment is to minimize losses in product pre-processing and packing, which is crucial to boosting production profit. The company’s primary area of expertise is the manufacture of industrial equipment for numerous food businesses, particularly in the fish processing sector.

Source: PERUZA

PERUZA’S Robot palletizer and full layer palletizer

The PERUZA Robot Palletizer is designed to palletize different items at high throughput. The technology can process up to 500 units per minute. Robotic palletizers are helpful for palletizing plastic, glass, and cartons of various sizes since they can handle different-sized items. Two unit lines that are entering are palletized concurrently by the palletizer. Pallets are brought to a robot palletizing area that has a spacer. The robot handles units and pallets using sophisticated gripping mechanisms.

A full layer can be quickly and properly prepared and palletized with the PERUZA Full Layer Palletizer. Full-layer palletizers may handle a wide range of products, including tiny bottles or packets, huge boxes, and thermoform packaging. It might include a complex plastic or cardboard sheet feeding mechanism and quality control for incoming goods. On the basis of the operator’s input for the product type line, a palette layer is built as necessary.

Final thoughts

In recent years, the manufacturer of production equipment PERUZA has made significant investments in the development of the company, including the creation of its own programming department. This department gives the opportunity to create new, innovative, and individually adapted automation, robotization, and artificial intelligence solutions for production companies, which are essential for both production capacity and competitiveness. 

As robotics, automation, and machinery develop, you must look into the best possible solutions now. If you’re interested in learning more about how PERUZA can help you get the best results with your food processing, feel free to get in touch at, and we’ll be happy to discuss the possibilities of us creating something great for your fish processing business!

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