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Frozen product thawing chamber

High capacity thawing from -20°C to -0,5°C in 3,5 hours. PERUZA Frozen fish thawing chamber reduces drip loss and water consumption.


High-capacity Thawing Chamber is designed for frozen fish block defrosting in chamber with water drops and steam environment. The quality and production speed depends on the frozen fish block size and initial temperature, fish size, and fish freshness.

The frozen fish blocks are placed a uniformly on the shelves of trolley. Trolley are placed in a chamber defroster. After placing the last trolley defroster door is closed defrosting process is started. Motorised fans direct a heated air flow into the chamber. The air flow circulates between all trolley shelves, thus ensuring even and uniform product thawing. One set of two fans per chamber ensures maximum air flow to each pair of trolleys, regardless of direction of air flow.

Main benefits:

Awards received:

“PERUZA proved to be a reliable and professional partner, and helped us improve our shipment processing speed and internal process automation when adjusting to the rapidly increasing volume of shipments."

- Jānis Grants, CEO OF DPD LATVIA -

Technical information

Technical characteristics:


Frozen fish blocks

Defrosting time from -20 to – 0,5 degree Celsius

3,5 – 4 hours per trolley

Size of processed product

Depends on client product

Equipment dimension (LxWxH)

Adjustable by needs and available workspace

Number of operators on the machine


Key features

High degree of homogenity, reduced defrosting time, simple operating

All features & benefits

Extensive module system

Faster production time

Up to 120 products can be processed within a minute with only four operators involved, thanks to the extensive module system.

compact and clever design

Compact size

The unique design allows for the equipment size to be one of the most compact in the market – the machine takes only 6100 x 1750 mm of floorspace! Beyond the dimensions, the thoughtful design allows for highly efficient use of space in smaller factories and various production lines with previously limited capacity.

3D RECOGNITION & weight calculation unit

Reduced giveaway

Precise calculators in our 3D dimension recognition and weight calculation unit reduce the giveaway of the product and increase the line capacity. The final weight range in packaging and current line setup can be adjusted in a smart, easy-to-use interface. 

Adaptable functionality

Fit for various products

The easy-to-use, intuitive user interface allows for the weight range to be adjusted, and this machine can be adapted for various products ranging from fresh or frozen meat and fish to vegetables and fruit.

How it works

Step #1

Arrival on product conveyor

Firstly, the products arrive onto the main product conveyor one by one in 1, 2 or more lanes.

Step #2

Passing through 3D recognition unit

Then the product is passed through 3D dimension recognition and weight calculation unit.

Step #3

Product placement into a tray or box

The program sends a signal to the robot with appropriate gripper to pick up and place the product into a tray or box to reach a set final weight range in packaging that can be adjusted in the user interface.

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