Parcel sorting

Parcel Sorting Tendencies In 2022

Due to restrictions that temporarily prevented on-site shopping, postal service providers, as well as parcel and shipment delivery companies, experienced an enormous increase in workload. In this article we take a look on the parcel sorting tendencies that we can take in mind for 2022.

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Fish processing

Why The Seafood Industry Should Be Turning To Automation?

The industry tendency’s date show that the aquaculture industry is exponentially growing every year. So companies that work in this industry need to find modern and up-to-date solutions for fish production to keep up not only with the high competition in the market but with meeting the industry demand as well.

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5 Benefits Of Automated Food Packaging

The food industry is one of the all-time fastest-growing industries. So, to meet the demand of the supply chains, it is advised to incorporate automated machines. What are the benefits you can get from automated food packaging systems? Read all about it in this blog article!

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